Wednesday Hymns-Day: Down to the River to Pray

River Baptisms
River Baptisms

The exact origin of this song is unknown. It has also been called by other titles, to include: “Down in the River to Pray”, “Down in the Valley to Pray”, “The Good Old Way” and “Come, Let Us All Go Down”. It is described as a Christian folk hymn, Appalachian song, gospel song and an African- American spiritual. This song was often sung at outdoor baptisms in the good old days.

Please watch this video of what used to be common place:

This is our Christian American heritage. One of faith in the Almighty. This is the path our ancestors walked. We have veered so far from this straight and narrow path to the broad, destructive one. We live in the day of a prosperity preachin’, watered-down-gospel. Can you imagine what our world would look like if the “good ol’ way” was the norm again?…Tent revivals and river baptisms…souls being won for the Lord!

Billy Graham (borrowed from
Billy Graham (borrowed from

America needs another Great Awakening. I think it’s high time.

What say you? Ready to study that “Good Ol’ Way”?


Mrs. G


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