A Word to the Younger Women

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In line with my last post to the older Christian women, today I want to talk about the younger women.

We have a duty as well. If Titus 2 says the older women are to be “reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things—“ in order to teach the younger women to “love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands” then we have an obligation as well.

Grandmother in Apron Washing Dishes

If the older women are those above mentioned things then we as younger ladies are to become those things. Now granted, that does not happen overnight, but the responsibility lies within us. Yes we need the older woman and her godly example but we, younger ladies, must be willing to learn, be open to rebuke and exhortation so that we too can be molded into that Titus 2 older woman.

The older women have no easy task. The world is working against them. The world is telling us younger women especially to live loosely, there’s no need to marry, but if you do marry, please do not submit to that man of yours, he just wants to control you. Children? Sure have ‘em, but not too many, and then ship ‘em off for someone else to raise. Divorce is more common than staying married and it’s always the other persons fault don’tcha know. Discreet and chaste are so unheard of that it’s not even funny. Belligerent, dominant women are everywhere you turn. They feel empowered and cringe at the word ‘submission’. Little do they know that true biblical submission is a beautiful thing (now men have a role in that too, but it is not my duty to teach the men).  Yes, older women definitely have their work cut out for them. But the load does not fall on their shoulders alone.  Younger women have their own part to do as well.

I’ve heard it said that most older women don’t reach out because most younger women are not willing to listen and do not desire to be taught. Younger women think they have all the answers these days. Google has replaced a good old fashioned conversation or telephone call.

frazzled victorian homemaker

Younger women, let’s face it. We need help. There is always room to grow and learn. We don’t know it all. There will always be someone a little farther down the road than us that’s a little more seasoned. Their assistance and insight is invaluable. Let’s humble ourselves and yield ourselves to godly teaching in order that we too can teach those younger than us.

Why? “So the Word of God be not blasphemed”. There is no wonder the world despises Christians. We preach what others should be doing yet we are not doing it ourselves. We should look drastically different than the world.

What do you say?

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!


Mrs. G


Homemakers Working for the Master

Victorian Home

Oh dear, sweet fellow homemakers. I too hear the whispers. The sneers and snide remarks. I too see the judgment in their eyes.

Have you oft times felt defeated? Or worthless? As if we had no value whatsoever? Like what we do here in and for our earthly homes is of no use at all? Anybody could do this, right? Wrong!

Since when was it decided that homemaking (being a wife and motherhood) is no longer one of the Victorian Mother and Daughternoblest of callings? Why are women leaving their homes in droves? Why are the most important things being forsaken? Is there no longer any value in training children up for God’s kingdom? Is there no longer any worth in making a house into a home; making it a refuge from this cold and bitter world? Should our homes not be a foretaste of Heaven? A place to escape the evils of this world if not just for a little while? A place of calm and rest…a place to rejuvenate our weary souls.

While the scriptures do not prohibit women from working outside the home (see Proverbs 31), neither does it encourage women to seek careers that would take all their time and Titus 2devotion away from home. Our homes deserve more than leftovers.  God himself, through His word, has called us to be homemakers, keepers AT home. (See Titus 2)

Let’s stop believing the death-breathing lies of the devil and start believing instead the living, life-breathing word of God. Let’s overcome those feelings of worthlessness, trampling them with His holy word and replacing the lies with the Truth.

Victorian Homemaker

A paycheck will never replace what can be done for the glory of the Lord within our own four walls. That is our ministry first and foremost ladies. The one our God entrusted us with.  How can we impact the world for Christ if we have yet to impact the dear souls residing in our own home? Daily we must take up our cross and give it our all. Deep in the trenches of everyday life. Refute the feminist lies that tell us in order to have any value we need a title or degree that will Homemaker with childrenearn us a good living. My title is in Heaven. His name is Jesus Christ. And through Him I lay claim to things eternal. I labor for the Master. All I do, I do for Him.

How about you?


Mrs. G

Old picture but the sparkle in his eyes lets me know I'm right where God intended me to be.
Old picture but the sparkle in his eyes lets me know I’m right where God intended me to be.

Homemaking Quote by Nancy Campbell