Wednesday Hymns-Day

hymns of the faith

As I informed you in my “About Me” page, I’m a lover of the old hymns. Something about them lifts my spirits like no other music. Now, before I go any further let me just say that Contemporary Christian Music is fine and dandy. I like it too. But my personal preference is the old traditional hymns. Just another reason I’m probably dubbed old fashioned!


The thought that many generations of kin before me have sung these songs really moves me. Standing in the pews, gripping their hymnals, lifting their voices in praise to Almighty God. Many of these beloved hymns were committed to memory. They lived deep within and surfaced when needed to carry them through. I’ll never forget my Papa (grandfather) telling me his Mama (Granny) made him stand up every time they sang “Standing on the Promises of God”.

church - family singing hymns

Another reason I may be so fond of them is because I grew up listening to a gathering of family singing them. There is nothing sweeter and more comforting as a child than to lye your head on your Mama’s lap amongst a crowd of family and listen to them belt out one hymn after another. Such precious memories.

These days you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that regularly sings these faithful songs of old. I don’t want our traditional songs of the faith to be lost in this fast paced world, a world that is quickly tossing the old ways out. I will cling to them, as they bring me comfort. I play them around my children in hopes that they too will grow fond of them. I like to play my collection of hymns while I’m going about my day and tending to the housework.  It truly lifts my spirits and shifts my focus off the things of this world and onto the things of God.

pretty church

I would love to share some of my favorite hymns with you. I shall make Wednesday’s Hymn Day here at Keeper of My Home. I hope you will follow along and share your favorites too. Let’s preserve our Christian heritage! How ’bout that old time religion?! It’s good enough for me!

Old Time Religion

Stay tuned….

Mrs. G


Introducing: Frugal Fridays

Use it up Wear it out

We live in a disposable world. Everything is made to be tossed out or to break so we can buy new again. It’s a never ending cycle. No more are the days when things were made to last (but I’ll leave that for another post!) I’m sure this country has never in all its days been as wasteful as it is today.

waste not want not

I personally believe much of the problem with this generation is that we really don’t know what it’s like to do without. Sure, we’ve seen some struggles here and there but for the most part our basic needs have always been met. A few generations ago, that was not the case.  This country suffered through the Great Depression and it would seem that’s where true thrift and frugality were born. Not the trendy, look at me I’m cute and frugal kind of frugality, but the desperate, core-rattling reality that there was no money and no work and yet somehow you had to feed and clothe a family kind of frugality. The struggle for them was very real. They lived the “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” life and I think a lot can be learned from them.

worn out work boots

So without further ado, I introduce to you: Frugal Fridays! I would like to take some time on Fridays to share some things I’ve learned from this frugal generation. Many things I’ve watched my grandparents do and even my parents. Some things I do and others I should work at doing more often.

A lot of these things have been lost over the years. Too often, we take things for granted. We have our needs and wants in utter disorder. I want need to be a better steward with what God has so graciously given me.

Savings coin jars

Will you join me on Fridays (or every other Friday depending on my week!) for some frugal tips, inspiration and encouragement? I will report to you about any of the frugal or thrifty things I managed to do during the week. I encourage you to work at it too and come back and share with me! I don’t know a soul who couldn’t benefit from stretching those hard earned pennies to the max!!

Be on the lookout for more to come!…..

Mrs. G

Back to Basics: When You Haven’t Got Two Pennies to Rub Together – Eating From the Pantry & Freezer


Most times I grocery shop I like to pick up a few extras here and there – things that really don’t make or break your grocery budget. I’m a stickler for menu planning. I make my bi-weekly menu plan and then write out all the items needed for each meal before heading off to the store. This helps me stay within my grocery budget. For each item on my list I typically add in an extra for things that are low cost cheap and shelf stable such as rice, beans, canned veggies (gasp! yes, I buy canned vegetables but I opt for fresh as much as possible.). These extra items ALWAYS come in handy during lean times. We’ve had plenty of weeks where we didn’t have two pennies to rub together after all our bills were paid! That sure makes for slim pickin’s in the kitchen come meal time.

When the budget isn’t stretched to the limit and I find myself with a little wiggle room I like to stock up on other things like peanut butter (which my kiddos tend to eat by the heaping spoonfuls!), raw honey (expensive!), and meats like chicken, beef and bacon to toss in the freezer.

What a well prepared pantry!
What a well prepared pantry/food storage!

My regular staples include sugar and flour ’cause you just never know when this Southern Mama will get a hankerin’ (*desire* for you non-southerners!) for something sweet!

Another tip I learned from my precious, frugal Grandma is to use hot dog/hamburger buns instead of sliced sandwich bread for toast. This is a huge money saver for breakfast. Buy a couple of packs, toss ’em in the freezer and you’ll always have ’em on hand. I can buy an 8

Me & Grandma (making Chicken & Dumplin's!)
Me & Grandma (making Chicken & Dumplin’s!)

count (which is actually 16 slices!) of buns for $1 or less at most stores. And if you make it like my Grandma does there ain’t nothin’ better! May sound weird at first, but trust me it’s scrumptious, especially if it’s slathered with home-canned apple butter or fruit preserves! To make it like Grandma, butter your buns before you toast ’em and they’ll end up heavenly! *You can only do this in a toaster oven and not a regular toaster. Or you can do like me and toast ’em in the oven with the broiler on but keep an eye on ’em cause it don’t take long!*

Crate of Corn 2
Crate full of Corn

When you find produce on sale grab it while you can. Freeze it, can it or what have you but these opportunities are a must! A few weeks back I bought a whole crate full of corn for just

Ready for the Freezer!
Ready for the Freezer!

$6! May be a lot of work to put it up but it saves you money in the long run. You’ll be glad you did it once it’s done, I promise!

Fresh picked!
Fresh picked!

One last thing for now: Garden! My garden is small, I mean very small! But anything it provides you with is a blessing! Nothing beats fresh picked herbs or home-grown tomatoes in the summertime and fresh collards in the winter! Don’t be intimidated to get out there and learn if you think you don’t know how. I jumped right in head first (haha!) and am learning as I go! You will make mistakes, but you learn what to do and what not to do and what plant likes the sun and which ones like the shade etc. It’s hard work but oh so rewarding. You will reap what you sow, literally!!

I guess all these habits of mine have become a safety net of sorts.

But above all these things, PRAY. Worry NOT. God always provides and He is always on time.

“Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds?” – Luke 12:24 NKJV

What are some things you do to help make it through lean times? Please share!

Mrs. G

Welcome Post!


Well hello there and welcome to my humble little blog! I am so glad to have you! This is all so new to me. In fact, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing. I ask that you please extend a little grace as I learn the ropes 🙂

My reason for starting this blog is to hopefully encourage other homemakers like myself. I have found myself desperately searching the web for some kind of encouragement and reassurance that I’m not alone in my homemaking. I have devoured blogs on topics such as Titus 2 and Proverbs 31. In today’s world homemaking seems to be a lost art. One that is no longer respected or encouraged. If you have found yourself downtrodden in your homemaking you are not alone. I, for one, am in the trenches with you! And more importantly, I know God is with us, for His Word places a high priority on the home.

I hope you will follow along as I share my heart with you.

It may take me a little while but I hope to have things running as smooth as silk before you know it! Until then have a look around and make yourself right at home!


Mrs. G