Pizza Sandwiches


I thought I’d share a recipe with you from time to time. Will start with these “Pizza Sandwiches”. They may have a fancier name but that’s what we call ‘em around here! My Mama used to make these yummy little sandwiches for me and my brothers when we were kids. I specifically recall eating these in the summer time for lunch but these hot little sandwiches would be lovely on a cold winter day as well.

You will need:

Bread (Of your choosing. As you can see, we are a house divided when it comes to bread!)

Items Needed for Pizza Sandwiches
Items Needed for Pizza Sandwiches

Butter (I use real butter)

Pizza Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese, shredded

Pepperoni Slices

Sandwich Maker

For starters, shred your cheese (unless you buy it already shredded)

Sandwich Maker
Sandwich Maker

and have it ready to go. Turn on your Sandwich Maker and let it heat up. Meanwhile, butter your bread. My bread looks a little pitiful after I’ve buttered it…it’s no easy feat to slather REAL, cold butter onto bread!! I have a big sandwich maker that makes 4 sandwiches at once. So I butter 8 slices of bread for the first batch.

Next, lay 4 of the  slices of buttered bread into each section, buttered side down. YouPizza Sandwiches 4 will hear it sizzle! Spread some pizza sauce on top of your bread. Then top that with
shredded mozzarella cheese followed by pepperoni. Lastly, lay the other 4 slices of bread on top of Pizza Sandwiches 3each sandwich. Close the Sandwich Maker and allow the bread to brown/toast and the cheese to melt!

Once done, lift each sandwich out of the machine (be careful, they’ll be hot!) and lay them on a plate. I like to cut each sandwich in half before serving. Makes for easier eatin’! I hope you enjoy! They sure are scrumptious!!

Pizza Sandwiches 6