Erasing Permanent Marker & My Frugal Thrift Store Creation

permanent marker KOMH

I love to rummage through thrift stores! Especially ones that have leftover craft supplies and fabric remnants! I could spend all day looking through this stuff! When my children are in tow they quickly bore of looking at those things, but I am typically in thrifty, crafting heaven!

Although I love coming home with my inexpensive treasures, I loathe when the store prices the item with permanent marker! Most places write the price with a dry-erase type marker or red marking pencil that you can almost rub off with your finger. But one store I frequent writes in permanent maker and it is a pain to remove!

hurrican glass 1 hurricane glass 2 hurricane glass 3

I recently drug out a few of my thrift store finds in attempt to create something! Lo and behold there was that nuisance permanent marker on my hurricane glass and platter! So, I took to google (whom I have a love/hate relationship with!) to find a solution to my irritating problem! I found a myriad of solutions to removing permanent marker. Some were more involved than others. I wanted something simple that used items I had on hand. I was not about to go out and buy something to remove it!

silver platter 1 silver platter 2 silver platter 3

One tip I came across said if working with a non porous surface try erasing the marker with a pencil eraser! I thought, no way!! That would be too easy. And besides, it’s permanent. Don’t I need some type of skin-leeching chemical?!! (Haha!) I decided I would give this overly simple solution a try. And would you believe, it worked!!! Simple as pie!!!

I just grabbed a pencil and started erasing! The marker started to disappear right before my very eyes! Maybe I love in a bubble and y’all already knew this! But for those like me, I just had to share this helpful tip! Can you tell I’m excited about it??!! Haha!! 🙂

Christmas platter craft 1

Here is what I made with my goodies! A Christmas Platter Centerpiece. The doo-dads I added here were all found in the trash! My neighbor put out a bunch of “junk” before moving and I went through it and got what I wanted! So this only cost me $4.00 to make. Whatcha think?

christmas platter craft 2



Relax KOMH

I had been extra busy lately preparing for a craft show. My apologies for no “Frugal Friday” post last week. That has left me thinking though. What do I want to do with this blog?

While I enjoy the writing and the sharing, it has added extra stress to prepare posts for certain days. I for one do not deal well with stress and try to avoid it like the plague! Not only that, I’m probably not very pleasant to be around when I’m that stressed!

Peace KOMH

So, to remedy this situation I will no longer set certain days for posts (such as hymns on Wednesday and frugal things on Friday). Instead, I will write as time allows and post accordingly. That will relieve the pressure yet still allow me to blog 🙂

Rocking Chair indoors with pillow

I feel that my family and home life comes first and foremost. I do not want that to suffer because I HAVE to put out a blog post. I hope you kind folks will understand.

I also want to be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading in the direction I should go and sharing what’s on my heart. It is still my desire to share hymns and frugal tips with you, but it will no longer be on a rigid schedule!

I am wanting to make my home as calm and stress free as possible. A refuge from this crazy, busy world.

old front porch rocker

I hope you’ll stick around as I hash things out and find what works for me.


Mrs. G

If you’d like to check out my crafting page I’d be much obliged!!