Busy at Home: Weekly Housework Schedule


At certain times in the past I have followed a housework schedule. It was something random I made up that fit our particular household needs and family schedule. It resembled something like the ladies of the past used to do: Monday: Wash, Tuesday: Iron, Wednesday:  Dust, Thursday: Market, Friday: Mend, Saturday: Bake, Sunday: Church.

Homemaker with to do list

As of recent I haven’t followed any schedule and I’ve been finding myself off task. I am the type of person that needs routine. I am not one that likes or does well with change. While doing the same thing over and over may seem redundant for many, it is actually calming for me. Knowing what I have to do, what lies ahead, is a huge stress relief for me. I like to wake up knowing what needs to be done that day and set out to accomplish it. I find if I write out a daily to do list those things typically get accomplished in a timely fashion. On the other hand, when I don’t write those things out, I tend to lollygag throughout the day. I start one task, get distracted and lay it aside, start another, then go back to the first one! That can get a little crazy! Ha! Surely I’m not the only one that does this!

Homemaker working in apron

So to keep myself on track I think I’m going to start my weekly cleaning schedule back up. This helps me stay focused and keep a handle on things around here. It motivates me to tackle my chores right off the bat. Once my daily “to-do’s” are done I can keep right on going, but if something else happens to come up at least I can rest easy knowing I accomplished my main chore for the day.

Vintage Woman cleaning bathtub

There is great benefit in keeping a clean and tidy home. For one, it makes you feel better. Have you ever let the housework slip (for whatever reason: sick, outside demands, etc) and you begin to feel like the walls are closing in on you??!! It’s really stressing! As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about unexpected guests! You know company always arrives when you’ve been the least productive! It’s like a rule! Haha!! But most importantly, if I’m working for the Master here at home, then I should take pride in my work. This is part of my service to my family He has so graciously blessed me with. It shows I care. A labor of love.

Vintage Woman Putting Laundry Away

Here is what my days will looks like.. Each day has a designated chore. There is always more to do but this gives me a guideline of the minimum I need to accomplish each day. Of course there is also the daily upkeep such as making beds, laundry (I do a load a day minimum to keep the laundry from piling up), dishes, cooking meals, daily tidying, etc. Ironing is also on my to do list but it does not have a designated day. This list is just meant to be motivational and a tool to help me focus on my daily tasks.

Mother and Children

My goal each day is to have these things done before the children come in from school. The afternoon goes much better if I am available for them when they are home. They come in “starving” and looking for a snack and typically need help with homework. I like to make myself available. It tends to get stressful when I’m preoccupied with other things at this time of day. So this just makes for a smooth operation of the household. So without further ado, My Weekly Housework Schedule:

MONDAY: Vacuum, Sweep, Mop

TUESDAY: Clean Bathrooms

WEDNESDAY: Clean Kitchen (Include refrigerator)

THURSDAY: Wash Bedding/Grocery Shopping (I shop every 2 weeks so the shopping will alternate weeks with the washing of bedding)


SATURDAY: Light housework as needed only (This day can be better spent relaxing and enjoying family)

SUNDAY: Church/Rest

Do you follow a cleaning schedule? If so, does it help you?

If not, would you like to join me? We can encourage and motivate each other!

Please share!

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” ~ Colossians 3:23

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might” ~ Ecclesiastes 9:10


Mrs. G


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